Take Time for Small Things

With the new year unfolding, we at Dancing Moose look forward to exciting adventures—some planned and some that our children will discover as they are given opportunities to think and explore in their rich classroom and playground environments. One of the most valuable attributes of the Montessori classroom includes time for independent discovery. Children utilize independent and small group time to make choices and act on those choices without concern that someone will rush them to complete, critique, and move on. Each day holds the promise for a new adventure that is waiting to be discovered.
As adults, our lives are often filled with so many predetermined events with expected outcomes that we are caught in a whirlwind. It is captivating to see children working in an environment that is not rushed but is filled with intrigue. Watching a child choose a work on a shelf and turn it into his or her own discovery is magical. Work time activities reflect children putting forth concerted effort and exhibiting great pride in their accomplishments. It is really a privilege to observe the promise that children find in small accomplishments that are unrushed. Montessori early childhood classrooms provide an ideal model for the promise that life holds when we take time to step outside the whirlwind, look around, and see what we might learn from the small and simple things we encounter.

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