Our Lives in Color

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue—these are the first words in the Rainbow Song. Our Dancing Moose children sang the words to the song, dressed in rainbow colors, to usher in the first day of spring.  (YouTube Video of the Rainbow Song) 

I watched in awe as the children lined the Dancing Moose hallway and sang the rainbow song together. They were part of something bigger than themselves, and they inspired all of us who listened to their song. That inspiration might be articulated in different ways, but for me the rainbow song signified that our differences, like the colors of the rainbow, are necessary to make a beautiful whole. Children are learning about the unique gifts that each individual brings to school each day. I love to hear them see each other across the parking lot in the morning or afternoon and enthusiastically call each other by name as they say hello and goodbye. Being recognized by name is a welcome sound to all of us.

The garden outside is just beginning to sprout new growth with the green breaking through the brown soil, and soon the rainbow will be visible in the many beautiful spring flowers in the garden. It is a beautiful time of renewal for all of us.

We hope to encourage Dancing Moose children to pay attention to the changing seasons and the beauty of nature. They will soon be planting seeds and watching them sprout with grow lights. These seedlings will then move to the garden where children will nurture them to maturity, and then harvest and enjoy them. One of the goals of this curriculum is to help students see and enjoy the rich products of nature, and the wonders that each season holds for new hopes and dreams.

Learning the names of colors is a goal for young children, but seeing, feeling, tasting, and enjoying the colors of nature has restorative properties. I hope that we will all reserve a little time to breath in the colors of the rainbow.