Moose Boost Provides a Little Extra Momentum as it Supports Children’s Self Esteem

The school year is fully underway with the first slate of Moose Boost performances accomplished. Moose Boost is an after-school enhancement program that parents may sign their children up for. The last round included cheer leading, hip hop, Lego creations, cooking sensations, soccer, jewelry, ballet, fabric craft, art, and animal club. These specialized topics are designed to enhance children’s talents and to give them an opportunity to socialize with peers and teachers in new settings with inventive topics. Children demonstrate their accomplishments at the end of the program, which is typically six weeks long.

Moose Boost helps parents to feel confident that their children are making the most of those after school hours, fulfilling children’s desires for enhancement classes before they are picked up from school. Learning in a new setting with a new make up of friends supports children’s social-emotional development, and children’s successful accomplishments helps boost their self esteem.

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