Gym Time—A Great Time All Around

There is a significant link between physical and concentrated performance on academic skills.  This active time may be experienced indoors or outdoors, but physical exercise is important to help students have a successful school day.  When temperatures are especially hot or cold outside, children need open space like the Dancing Moose gym to move and expend energy to keep them physically and mentally fit.Medicine and Science in Sports and Medicine published an article just a couple of weeks ago that correlated physical exercise with academic concentration. The study took place in Rome and involved 138 school children.

To determine whether exertion could make students less distracted, the researchers had the children complete several types of gym classes. The children then took a written test that required them to pick out certain letters from long chains of symbols in a short time. (The test is widely accepted as a good indicator of a person’s attention and ability to concentrate.)  Results showed that children’s test results rose after each of the classes.

We already know that physical activity is a lot of fun for children.  We know that healthy lifestyles require a lot of physical activity, but it is also important to know that taking time for physical activity each day also boosts children’s ability to concentrate on cognitive tasks.  Gym time is a great time all around!



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