Every Child a Shining Star

One of the most important things we can support in our Dancing Moose children is a positive self esteem.  Teachers accomplish this important goal in a number of ways.  First, they create a safe environment where children do not fear that they will “get it wrong.”  Children have ample opportunity to try something and then try it again.  Many lessons are self correcting, and teachers understand the importance of allowing children to take risks without fear of failure.  Second, teachers listen to children.  They take interest in the things that interest children.  As a result, children know that teachers care about them.  Teachers also encourage children to express themselves in individual and group settings, supporting children’s recognition that their ideas are interesting and important.  Third, and perhaps most important, children can predict their environment.  They know that their teachers will be well prepared with interesting activities; they will maintain consistent, high expectations that meet the developmental needs of every child; and they will be calm and patient each and every day.  These are some of the wonderful outcomes derived from dedicated and capable teachers who work with small teacher-to-student ratios.  All of us at Dancing Moose recognize that each child should feel great about themselves every day, realizing that they are shining stars and valuable members of the Dancing Moose community.

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