Current Study Highlights Benefits of Full-day Kindergarten on Improved Reading

A report was published today in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ( that compares reading scores of children who were in full-day kindergarten with those in part-time kindergarten statewide in Pennsylvania.  Of the state’s 500 school districts, 349 have full-day kindergarten.

Results of the study first showed comparisons with children in kindergarten in 2005 and third grade in 2008.  The percentage who were not proficient in reading in third grade dropped by 9.1 percent in schools with full-day kindergarten and 6 percent in schools with part-time kindergarten.

Another group of students in kindergarten in 2006 and third grade in 2009 indicated similar results.  The full-day kindergarten students not proficient in reading dropped by 9.4 percent; those in part-time kindergarten dropped by 6.5 percent.

These results provide compelling evidence that children who have an opportunity to attend full-day kindergarten benefit significantly in the area of reading.

As you can guess, math scores showed similar results.  It’s nice to see some hard evidence that points to the importance of full-day kindergarten.

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